Jordan Thomas

 Dirty or Impure

Chemical Formation Painting; Rivers Run Gold

Jordan Thomas is an emerging multi-sensory artist who is concerned with the language of a space alongside the aesthetic and conceptual aspects of his work. Spanning from installation, sculpture, photographic and canvas paintings, this artist concerns himself with the many aspects of art and its scientific elements, exploring the realms of both science and art, he manages to teach and bewilder viewers. Escaping typical elitisms of the artistic gallery space, Thomas often sets up workshops within his exhibitions to attempt to give something back to the community and become more inclusive into the scientific and artistic worlds. He helps the viewer consider how art is created, its processes and the exploration of media, not just boring you with facts and figures but including the viewer in his immersive environments, whether that’s based upon the clinical scientific laboratory environment or the outlandish environments of colour or texture he tends to explore.


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