Ryan Christopher-Courtier


Untitled (Live performance, February 28th 2014, 7:30pm)

Fascinated with notions of paradise upon Earth, Courtier utilizes every available media exploring sense of existence. Focusing on the loss of Universal beauty in a World of confusion, open-endedness is a vital element in Courtier’s work allowing unexpected encounters to naturally occur.




3 thoughts on “Ryan Christopher-Courtier

  1. If you wanted to gain the attention of the audience then you failed. I couldn’t help but notice people’s attention slowly leaving the building. If you’d like some constructive criticism then work on your pitch, add depth to the way you talk, read as if you were sat by an open fire in a dressing gown, smoking a pipe, if you know what I mean. Oh and don’t forget to move around, dont just stand there like a statue, it’s known that the human mind is drawn to something that moves. Don’t ignore this advice as it will help

    • Hi anon (fggt1994), you have made some interesting comments. However, I believe they would be better suited if Ryan were a drama or performing arts student, which he is not. Ryan’s performance would fall under the category of ‘Performance Art’, which, like all art is autonomous. Therefore, gaining the attention of the audience, speaking voice and movement is somewhat immaterial.

  2. Hello III
    So you are telling me that gaining the attention of audience was not in the plan, then please tell me what is the soul purpose of something that is not remembered?

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